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Programmatic recruiting in HR: an industry milestone for the new decade

Advanced smart technology and customized solutions take job search optimization to the next level

There is hardly a market or an industry in which technology has not yet intervened, changing the rules of the game and inevitably altering work standards and routines. The HR field is no exception. In recruiting, there has always been a certain difficulty when it comes to reaching out to suitable, competent candidates; the challenge is creating a good match between online job advertisements and the pool of potential applicants that might see it and, consequently, become active candidates.

Over time, professionals have started to realize that the so-called “post and pray” hiring strategy was no longer adequate for their needs. With so much effort and time being invested, this approach did not seem to bear fruit: its efficiency in terms of costs and the quality of results has usually been quite low. Meanwhile, various tech innovations came into view, and data turned out to be a highly precious resource – to the extent of being called the “new gold” and even the “new oil”: it introduced new opportunities for targeting, helping the progress of programmatic advertising in general, which over the years finally found its place in recruitment, gaining status as the new HR buzzword.

Programmatic recruitment: a silver bullet for the industry

Recruiters are always in search of suitable candidates: the issue becomes more urgent when dealing with tough-to-fill positions or in a high volume recruitment setting. This typically happens when a company undergoes exponential growth, during peak seasons or during emergency situations such as the recent Coronavirus outbreak, when certain industries experienced a sudden surge in demand, over and above seasonal norms (e.g. logistics, supermarkets, delivery services).

That is where programmatic job advertising comes to the foreground: it has already convinced the brightest professionals in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Marketing of its effectiveness.

Programmatic recruiting technologically optimizes matching between the job ad and the people who see it, reducing the hours put into hiring, and improving efficiency and reach rates. These results are made possible thanks to the well-executed usage of big data, targeted job ads, real-time bidding, and campaign optimization all at once.

Automation is integral to programmatic recruiting: the algorithms proceed with bidding based on the data collected and leverage data analytics to guide ad-buying decisions aligned with the job advertiser’s goals. Consequently, redundant costs get cut, allowing recruiters to execute a functioning well-thought-out recruitment approach.

Matching the needs of employers and candidates

Hiring targeted people faster and more cost-efficiently is especially useful for companies that are recruiting for multiple types of roles, each with its own skill set requirements.

Not only that: many Fortune 500 companies are using programmatic solutions to reduce hiring cycle time and increase their chances of reaching the right candidates. In 2019, programmatic job advertising spending was about 25% of the total annual recruitment advertising spending (source: HR dive) – and the percentage is expected to grow in the coming years.

Jobrapido is a leading player on the innovative Programmatic Recruitment market. Combined with its Smart Intuition Technology™– based on taxonomy and Artificial Intelligence – Jobrapido Programmatic Recruitment solution automatically matches relevant vacancies and best candidates –  on target, on demand.

“We want to bring the Amazon experience to recruitment, which means matching the needs of employers and candidates in one, personalized and convenient online experience”, – says Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido. “The innovative application of state-of-the-art AI technologies and Programmatic advertising principles to the recruitment sector means that, instead of job postings, we can provide integrated campaigns that deliver automated matching in real time, with content that is relevant to a specific audience”.

Are you a recruiter or an HR professional? Jobrapido, the world’s biggest search engine, can offer you the most competent targeted candidates on demand, at the right price and within the right timeframe. Discover now our pure performance-based model.

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