hiring a great number of employees without losing the quality

High volume recruiting: hiring a great number of employees without losing the quality

Technology, good planning and strong employer brand are some of the key factors for hiring in bulk

Many recruiters are used to selective hiring when one or several positions need to be covered at a time. However, there is another type of recruiting practice that HR specialists encounter while working during a particular season or in a company with certain position types – the so-called high-volume recruiting.

The term stands for the process of hiring a high number of employees in a short amount of time. The quantity can vary from hundreds to even thousands of positions in a given time slot. High-volume hiring usually takes place in cases when an organization amplifies exponentially: throughout the peak seasons (for instance, holidays time) in industries such as retail and hospitality (the so-called “seasonal hiring), as well as during the new store openings period or along a rapid company growth.

In practice, high volume recruiting occurs very often in trucking and transportation companies that are distinct because of their high turnover rates. Gig companies (food delivery, taxi aggregators, and so on) are also subject to high-volume hiring, as they constantly look for new drivers, bikers, and delivery personnel. Staffing firms have a permanent demand for event industry employees, security staff, hostesses, and catering personnel. All of these industries require an immediate coverage of their open roles to preserve the businesses from unexpected understaffing.  

Having a high-volume recruiting strategy that functions smoothly is advantageous for both satisfying your hiring needs and for meeting overall business objectives.

High volume hiring: main challenges

Recruiting in bulk stirs up a lot of challenges that the HR team has to overcome. The biggest struggle is the large amount of time needed for screening and shortlisting, even though high volume recruitment usually imposes strict time restrictions to comply with. For instance, if 100 additional cashiers are expected to be hired by the Christmas week, there is no way to go around it and postpone the due date. In fact, any deficiency in staffing can downgrade a company’s productivity in the busiest time of the year, reducing its revenue and profit.

Another challenge is to keep the hiring process quality and structure at high level. When you have a great number of candidates to thrill, it’s getting more difficult to provide a good candidate experience at all stages of the recruitment funnel. Therefore, you need to be organized and prepared – otherwise you risk losing the best candidates in the mass applicants’ pool.

Best practices for high volume recruitment

  • Set a comprehensive hiring plan:

When dealing with high volume recruitment, you need to be ready for the hiring peak well in advance. Have a clear understanding of the number of positions you need to fill, the competencies that are key for the jobs, and the respective deadlines. You might find it useful to accurately archive your last sourcing and hiring efforts: create a special database of candidates, mine it to take advantage of the so-called “talent rediscovery”.

  • Streamline and automatize the screening phase:

Remember that when it comes to executing high volume recruiting, technology is your best friend. For instance, referring to the retail industry in his Forbes article, Bryan Pearson noted that using AI can “sharply reduce hiring time and give retailers a better chance of winning the best talent”.

In fact, closing numerous positions simultaneously may be a mind-numbing task. So, you should adopt modern automation and AI Talent Acquisition Solutions, like the ones offered by Jobrapido. Smart Intuition Technology™ at the heart of Jobrapido is a cutting-edge tech solution: “thanks to Smart Intuition Technology™ the companies can enlarge the number of potential candidates with the right skillsets who can apply for the job opening”.

  • Optimize the applications’ submission:

The job application procedure should stick to the logic of being fast, direct, and coherent. Researchers established that application processes lengthier than 15 minutes to complete end up with an average of 360% decline in completion rates. So, consider keeping your job pages’ interfaces simple, clean, straight-forward, and smooth.

  • Work on your employer brand:

Having a strong employer brand is crucial for igniting the candidates and keeping an unceasing applications’ pipeline. Build your company image steadily and proactively: improve the site and social media channels, work on your company reviews, endorse employee advocacy that transforms your current employees into corporate brand ambassadors.

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