Quiet Quitting: working only the ‘bare minimum’

Tik Tok has hatched the latest viral trend, signalling yet another sea change in the workplace: with “Quiet Quitting”, people are putting minimal effort into their jobs, to the benefit of their personal lives.

Quiet Quitting: you’ll probably have come across this expression on social media or in the news recently. It refers to a new phenomenon that’s sweeping across the younger working population: they are essentially giving up their jobs without saying so. Continue reading Quiet Quitting: working only the ‘bare minimum’

A packed season of events!

Four events in London, Cologne and Leusden, dedicated to innovation, strategy and the biggest, most exciting trends in the recruitment sector. The month of September kicked off a packed season of events that continued through Autumn 2022, with plenty of new developments to look forward to in 2023. Recruiting talent is becoming increasingly difficult, and the recruitment sector needs a radical transformation. To stay competitive … Continue reading A packed season of events!