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#CandidatesNotClicks: how to optimise hiring investments in the post pandemic

New ways to facilitate the matching of job supply and demand thanks to a performance-based model

How to cope with the economic changing landscape in the post pandemic – #CandidatesNotClicks

The Covid-19 emergency has undoubtedly had a radical impact on the world as we know it: social distancing procedures and business lockdowns changed our behaviours and attitudes in a way that we could barely have foreseen.

While the question “when we will go back to complete normality?” is still far from being answerable, we are nonetheless moving towards a gradual recovery, and after many weeks of lockdown both organisations and people are now coping with the new procedures and way of life.

After having established a new platform to keep us as safe as possible,now more than ever we are seeking ways to help the economy recover from the crisis and move towards the new reality. At such a critical time, it’s crucial that every investment generates a rapid and quantifiable return: to help overcome the challenges of recovering post pandemic we need to rely on companies and people who produce tangible value, who provide superior products and who guarantee service delivery. This is vital to help us develop our businesses in response to the new market realities.

The shape of the “new normal”: a new way of recruiting

As a result of the outbreak, organisations all over the world are making changes to the way they operate.

When the virus first spread, what initially happened was that many sectors of the recruitment market literally shut down. On top of this, huge swathes of the market have been mandated to close their operations (e.g. most retail and hospitality businesses, entertainment, high street retail and travel). All these needed to find a brand-new way of operating, to be able to come back fast to the market and restart operations.

On the flip side,there were certain market segments that experienced a sudden rise of requirements and personnel as a result of the COVID crisis. These included healthcare, logistics and delivery services, maintenance services as well as grocery and supermarket industries.

What now it is expected is that there will be a continuous growth of demand for these latter services, which in turn means that an increasing need for related job positions is likely to materialise: e-commerce, delivery and logistics, food couriers (just to mention some) become continuously required even after the pandemic is over.

The Covid-19 pandemic also brought with it a huge change within recruitment: the shift of ‘power’ from jobseekers to recruiters. In fact, due the global emergency and its enormous impacts on economies and businesses, unemployment has been dramatically rising: which means job searches now are growing whilst at the same time the number of available vacancies is decreasing (or increasing in proportion to the number of new searches).

Consequently, this  means that many candidates may be forced to change their mindset, searching for jobs in new industries and applying for vacancies that do not precisely match their skillset and their background.

Given this extremely complex scenario, it is now more essential than ever not only to help jobseekers engage with all relevant available opportunities, but also to optimize the time and resources of employers and recruiters: Jobrapido works alongside them all to facilitate the matching of job supply and demand.

CandidatesNotClicks thanks to a real performance-based model

Since the beginning of the Covid emergency, Jobrapido has been on the front line with all partners to answer their different needs with a high calibre customized and flexible set of Programmatic Recruitment Solutions.  As a world’s leading job search engine Jobrapido offers real Smart Programmatic Recruitment: a new data-based and flexible recruitment solution based on real performance. AI optimizes the match between the job ad and the people who see it, aiding efforts by reducing both hiring cycle time and costs, and empowering companies to pay only for completed job applications: this is a new #CandidatesNotClicks approach aimed at helping our partners optimize their resources and investments.

Thanks to Smart Programmatic Technology, our platform continuously learns about the individual activity and begins automatically matching the jobseekers with relevant jobs for their new searches based on this activity. This provides candidates with a highly relevant, personalised experience and also helps employers engage with candidates based on rich data profiles indicating optimal interest and suitability for the roles currently running, including those where candidates demonstrate core key attributes that make them appropriate for upskilling and developing into future roles where there may be skill set shortages across the market.

Find more here about our products and our performance-based solutions.

We take the work out of looking for workers!  #CandidatesNotClicks