Smart Intuition Technology for digital recruitment

Why Smart Intuition Technology™ by Jobrapido is the most effective tool for digital recruitment

Finding the perfect candidates can prove a daunting task for all types of organizations. Jobrapido’s SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY overcomes the limits of Keyword Matching and becomes the most efficient tool for candidates and recruiters in the digital search experience.

Jobrapido is on a mission to take the work out of looking for work (and workers)

The main purpose of SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ is to bring innovation to the job-searching process and to improve the online experience of job seekers and recruiters alike by introducing a more efficient approach.

This is achieved by combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies with the use of Big Data and a granular occupational taxonomy – which enables precise classification of candidates and job opportunities.

SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ targets job seekers with only the most relevant job ads, to deliver employers the candidates who perfectly fit their needs, in the right quantity, at the right time and the right price.


Overcoming Full-Text Search limits

The power of SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ overcomes the limits of Full-Text Search (FTS) as a tool to be used by candidates, and consequently by recruiters, in the digital recruiting experience.

This is because FTS, with its underlying keyword-matching methodology, scans for a strict match between words typed by the user and those in the results. While it is not an Exact Match mechanism requiring 100% accurate equivalence, the search performance offered by FTS produces imperfect and, above all, incomplete results.

Here’s a practical example of this limitation:

If a user performs a search based on the keywords “Junior administrative financial assistant”, an FTS-based search engine can process and show only the results that match all the keywords typed by the user. Thus, a user won’t be able to connect with a series of potential job offers that might be in line with their search, be it by content, type or location, such as “Administrative Assistant”, “Financial Administration”, “Junior Financial Assistant” and so on.

Organizing the inventory on a taxonomic basis enables us to overcome the main limitation of FTS, ensuring that the search engine will recognize not only the keywords but all the terms related to the same topic, thus simplifying and solving queries.

Enlarging the number of relevant candidates

We also use SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ to solve issues related to job seekers’ typical behaviour.

For when job seekers perform a search, they tend to use keywords that best describe their current or latest job title. They don’t take into consideration the whole set of job titles that refer to the same position, thereby limiting their results.

When a user is searching for a job on Jobrapido, where SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ has been implemented the results are more inclusive of all opportunities closely related to the job seeker’s search. Taxonomy matching uses all the matching skills and attributes to suggest job titles that the job seeker may not otherwise have considered.

At the same time, this gives companies looking for the best talent an opportunity to target more candidates with the skillset they are looking for. SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ lets employers broaden the number of relevant candidates and improve matches between their search for candidates for the job opening and the quality of applications. This is a crucial aspect, especially when the position available is hard to fill.

Better matching between job supply and demand

SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ continuously matches socio-demographic and behavioural data from Jobrapido’s growing 100M+ jobseekers’ community, building hyper-targeting capabilities and turning them into programmatic campaigns, to deliver all and only those candidates who satisfy recruiters’ requirements and are a perfect fit for the vacant positions.

This provides candidates with a highly relevant, personalized experience and also helps employers engage with candidates based on rich data profiles, indicating optimal interest and suitability for the positions currently open. These will include those candidates who demonstrate core key attributes that make them appropriate for upskilling and developing into future roles where there may be skill set shortages across the market.

Hiring targeted people faster and more cost-efficiently: the advantages for recruiters

By innovatively applying SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ to the recruitment sector, Jobrapido makes matching between job supply and demand easier and faster, offering:

  • A 123 % increase in the number of results per job search compared to Keyword Matching
  • A 35 % increase in the number of qualified candidates
  • A 12 times higher rate of applications
  • 50 % more effectiveness in the recruiting process*

(* based on the feedback received from Jobrapido customer survey in Q1 2020)

This means hiring on-target people faster and more cost-efficiently: a very useful solution, especially for companies that are recruiting for multiple types of roles, each with its own skill set requirements, or in a high-volume recruitment setting.

Are you an HR professional willing to discover the benefits of SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY? Get the best options on the table: Jobrapido, the biggest job search engine, will introduce you to a vast number of jobseekers perfectly suited to your positions.

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