Build a strong and coherent customer satisfaction plan

Why Customer Satisfaction is vital for your business

Build a strong and coherent customer satisfaction plan in order to improve the quality of your service

What do we mean by Customer Satisfaction?

The notion of Customer Satisfaction is strictly linked to the entire cycle of the Customer Experience (CX). According to Customer Think, ‘the term customer experience has taken on a much broader meaning than it once did. Initially relegated to post-purchase engagements and viewed as a cost of doing business, CX is now regularly interpreted to encompass the entire consumer journey.’ Within this specific journey, the quality of satisfaction of a consumer goes beyond the product itself and the simple act of selling; it is mainly the personal and unique experience of that item.

But how does the scientific community define such a complex concept as ‘satisfaction’? The paper entitled “History and Future of Consumer Satisfaction Research” describes it ‘as a consumer’s responsive process subsequent to a particular consumption experience which is evolved through a discrepancy between some form of pre-experience performance standard with the actual performance of the product as perceived by the consumer. (Day 1984).’  Therefore, we are dealing with consumer’s perception and experience connected to a specific object, service, or process. Measuring the quality of your costumer’s satisfaction is extremely important for the evolution and development of your business.

Why measuring customer satisfaction is healthy for your business income?

The Marketing Study Guide offers a strategic overview of the main benefits that all types of companies should take into account: ‘greater customer loyalty, reduced price sensitivity, enhanced positive word-of-mouth and increased share of customer – which all adds up to increased long-term profitability.

Assessing your customer satisfaction tells you how pleased your customers are and gives you valuable feedback on which areas you should actually improve.

Nowadays, companies have numerous highly efficient tools that allow them to constantly monitor, analyze and extract precise metrics related to the degree of satisfaction of their consumers. According to statistics, ‘for 79% of companies that have deployed the chatting tool on their website, it resulted in increased customer loyalty, satisfaction and revenue.’ As a company, the more you decide to use and implement interactive and humanizing tools the more you reduce the ‘distance’ between your service and the end-users.

Best practices for your customer satisfaction approach

If you want a flourishing business with a high percentage of ‘customer retention and loyalty’ it is vital to adopt specific best practices:

  • Use the most appropriate and effective ‘tracking tools’ in order get customers to be reactive and respond to surveys.
  • Choose the right timing when it comes to measurements. For example, ‘monthly, quarterly or semiannual surveys allow you to gauge a customer’s relationship with your business over time. If a customer hasn’t been in for a while, you target her with a promotional offer to generate a visit.’
  • Implement a good CRM software that will support your business in preparing and sending your surveys. Once you receive replies you can engage the customer and ‘the collective responses allow you to spot trends in product or service deficiencies that must addressed.’
  • In terms of what you should actually measure, a best practice is to go try and go beyond the degree of satisfaction. Consider that measuring also the ‘perception of the experience’ provides important insights on the quality of your services.   

Bear in mind that a good customer satisfaction strategy should also guarantee full anonymity to all customers when asking for feedback and conducting any type of survey. This will allow them to express freely and avoid generating discrimination. 

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