Going to conventions is great for networking and beneficial for sharing expertise

Top reasons to attend a professional conference in your field

Going to conventions is great for networking and beneficial for sharing expertise

With the knowledge being spread really fast and the demand for upskilling continuously growing, the idea of professional development – either online or offline – has nowadays become more relevant than ever before. Keeping your knowledge up to date is a must to stay competitive in any industry. Getting the latest ideas and technologies under the belt is a vote of confidence that any professional aspiring a career progression should focus on. One of the doorways towards the much-needed self-development is attending professional conferences.

Specific field conferences are meetings of professionals in a given subject, normally sponsored by a company or a professional society known in the field. They usually consist of experts’ presentations, group conversations, and meet-ups. In many cases, the conference attendance is endorsed and funded by an employer: the worker is sent to a certain convention to share expertise, gain valuable knowledge and forge new connections. A professional conference is an outstanding aggregation of resources, so here is a list of core reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on attending it:

  • Professional Development

Professional conferences wouldn’t be so widespread if not for their valuable contribution to the people’s expertise and skillsets. A convention brings you incredible industry insights from your fellow colleagues and energizes you with fresh compelling ideas to put in practice upon your return to the office. Conferences boost a useful exchange of new ways of working and innovative thoughts, they also encourage you to jump into even more learning opportunities after the event. Professional conferences usually may boast of a line of various thematic presentations with opinion leaders in the field – so it is a unique opportunity to get the cutting-edge information first-hand.

  • Purposeful Networking

As rightly coined by Francesca Gino, a professor at Harvard Business School, “skipping conferences is problematic because you’re missing out on the benefits of networking. Today, probably even more than ever before, networks are a key form of social capital for achieving goals in both your professional and personal lives.” That is why one of the most exciting reasons for going to professional conferences is to share some time with fellow colleagues. Dorie Clark, the author of Stand Out Networking, points out: “The fact that technology has made it easier to interact with people across great distances and time zones actually makes face-to-face interaction even more valuable.” In fact, meeting colleagues in person will move connections forward much more rapidly than any email or phone communication can. Networking is about finding likeminded industry peers, so even if you are shy person scared of talking to strangers, you should just go for it.

  • Professional Sharing

It might be not so evident, but an important part of attending professional conferences is being ready to share your own work and ideas with the others. Talking to an audience during a thematic session, being a speaker at a smaller meet-up or just having a conversation with a few colleagues during lunch, you should use conventions as a great spot for spreading your word and receiving a valuable objective feedback from a group of peers. Conferences are a good way to get your name and your work out there as you start positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, even more if you are fortunate to be invited as a speaker.

  • Fun and engaging professional events

Many modern conferences are the opposite of boringmonologue-style lectures: on the contrary, usually these are great events with brilliant engaging speakers and an exciting programme. So, wield an opportunity to take advantage of continuous interaction with a layer of enjoyment. Moreover, many conferences you may attend are scheduled in different cities, and who does not love exploring new places? Cease the chance to fully enjoy your time: be joyful to meet new people and absorb knowledge, discover the location, have fun at the evening receptions – and never see conferences as an obligatory task you are constrained to do just to please your boss.

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