Social media as a new super-power of the digital age HR

The skill of the future: blending social media with your HR routine

Mastering social media has become key to shaping the tone of conversations around the company, boosting employer branding strategy and attract potential employees.

The social media these days are not about private life any more. Previously filled with pet photos and personal updates, they have rapidly grown to become major platforms for broadcasting opinions on practically everything – including products, services, and entire companies.

Enabling direct feedback from customers and employees, social media expose businesses to the challenge of immediate positive or negative publicity. And while customer care handles consumers’ reactions, HR managers are urged to watch over employer branding and reputation management: mastering social media has become key to shaping the tone of conversations around the company, boosting employer branding strategy, and attract potential employees. Definitely something not to be ignored while working on your 360° HR strategy.

The skill of the future

Cross-functional HR leaning towards Social media marketing is a trend that could not escape the business community’s attention, and by 2020 will be the most in-demand HR skill, together with Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling. So don’t be left behind: treat social media as a new super-power of the digital age HR. You can adapt it to your HR routine in a myriad of ways but let us show you the main tracks you should keep in view.

  • Employer branding:

The headliners on the SMM horizon, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are strongly embedded across companies as powerful tools of a company’s reputation management and employer branding. They are essential at the pre-recruitment stage: before applying for positions, candidates consult social media to evaluate the employer’s brand and find trustworthy “behind the scenes” information.

  • Create engaging content:

Of course, your marketing team oversees multichannel content, promoting products, services, and initiatives.  This is something you can help to evolve: launch content that will broadcast valuable insights into the company’s vision, core values, and work benefits. Give a glimpse of your corporate culture, make the narrative human-centered, remember to spotlight how your company is in line with the latest agenda, e.g.: gender equality, social security, inclusiveness, employees’ continuous learning. Feature team-building events, performance incentives, smart working alternatives, and wellness offers.

  • Set up a success showcase culture:

Your attractiveness as an employer should go beyond routine work benefits – don’t be shy to solicit success stories within the company and bring them into the SMM limelight. This will appeal to candidates-to-be and give recognition to the existing team. According to HR Technologist, “many individuals feel disengaged with the company because they do not receive feedback on a job well done. Social media make recognition a streamlined task for managers”. 

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