How recruitment industry can embrace the raise of Artificial Intelligence

The Fifth Industrial Revolution – How the recruitment industry can embrace the rise of Artificial Intelligence

Robots taking over everyone’s jobs: what’s fact and what’s fiction? It’s a question I am asked a lot.

Throughout history, we have always seen changes in the workplace. And especially with any changes related to people’s jobs, there is always speculation.

What we’re facing today is the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is largely about the rise of smart technology and the rise of automation and connectivity. I’ve heard it said that it’s the dawn of the 5th Industrial Revolution which has been described as the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

From my perspective, I see it as the integration and the partnership (as this is how I think we should approach it) of AI and human intelligence. Logic dictates that with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence some of the jobs which were carried out by humans will be taken over by machines and technology. But let’s flip this to the positive – what this means is that elements of people’s jobs will evolve and potentially become more interesting.

What we are seeing in the workplace is a very exciting development with the integration of new technologies in tandem with a great emphasis placed on the importance of human intelligence, such as leadership and intuition – something AI can’t replicate.

In conclusion, I think it’s about us embracing the developments and realising just how much stronger and effective organisations could become. It’s about understanding and not fearing the unique attributes AI has – such as non-bias, accuracy and data ownership – so that recruiters and employers can make even better and informed decisions for their organisations.

The 5th Industrial Revolution actually places more weight on the importance of human intelligence than ever before, and on how these unique human traits, when harnessed in tandem with the accuracy of AI, lead to greater outcomes.

I mentioned one of the advantages of new technologies is that AI provides and acts upon rich data insights.  This can only be a huge benefit for recruiters in terms of getting across the right messages which will resonate with candidates and create better engagement between them. 

I moved to Jobrapido because I was ready for something completely different and I genuinely believe that what we can offer today is totally unique.

It’s important that the industry is able to provide a compelling candidate experience and, as far as possible, a personalised ‘journey’ for their job search and ongoing career. That is a big focus for us, at Jobrapido, where we put the jobseeker at the centre of what we do.

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