Temporay jobs and flexibility

Temporary jobs and flexibility


Will flexibility be a major pillar of the job in the post-pandemic future, both in terms of jobs demanded and jobs offered?

Organisations all over the world need to keep going as best they can during the Covid-19 emergency.

Companies whose businesses are linked to certain industries such as food and hospitality, entertainment, high street retail and travel may be struggling. At the same time, there is an urgent and increasing demand of workers in “key industries” related to the crisis, including a range of front-line roles within healthcare and logistics.

For these latter requirements, a crucial part of the contingent operational strategy may be the use of temporary staff. In fact, in March 2020 part-time and temporary vacancies grew by over 20% across the globe.

Candidates seem to be aware that one strategy to get them through this challenging time is to focus on short-term solutions. At Jobrapido we have seen a change in jobseeker behaviour on our platform, resulting in an increase in searches for temporary and part-time roles.

These searches have increased month-on-month as follows:

  •   + 400% in the Netherlands
  •  + 50% in the United Kingdom
  • + 58% in Italy 

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