how to maintain your employees’ work-life balance and protect office policies during the hot season

Summer in the office: how to overcome seasonal HR challenges

Summer has come back in the countries around the Northern Hemisphere: the weather is warmer; more and more activities are organised outside. And along with that, a great number of workplace challenges arise on the HR agenda: from managing work flexibility to planning team-building outings. However, summer is also a golden opportunity to shake up your corporate culture standards and boost your people’s motivation and engagement. It all depends on whether you succeed to tackle the internal issues, effectively communicate company expectations, and carefully draft the seasonal policies.

Here are some pieces of best practice advice and frequent workplace scenarios that you may face during the summer season – learn how to meet any HR challenge:

  • Manage office temperatures

Summer may be moderately hot, but the temperatures within the office walls nonetheless will tend to rise. The UK Health and Safety Executive institution suggests maintaining “a reasonable temperature in the workplace”, but what exactly counts as “reasonable” is open to an employer’s interpretation. Therefore, simply try to eliminate excessive heat, but do not exaggerate with the AC – it’s best to avoid both heat-related illnesses and the risks of your employees catching a cold. Remind your workers of the core 3 rules for the season: water, rest, shade. Encourage your staff to drink water often.

  • Promote team-building that is right for the season

The motivation dips as the temperatures go up? You can engage your employees by hosting company events – summer is a great period for strengthening team spirit. Park lunches, picnics, beach trips – there is a number of open-air team-building options. The advice is to record your outdoor activities shooting photos and videos. Share this content on your social media or a website – it will contribute to your employer branding strategy by letting the prospective candidates see how joyful it is to work for you. 

  • Get a workforce support by hiring qualified interns:

Interns could be of great help during the season of vacations, leaves and shortened working days. Of course, they cannot fully substitute regular employees. But they will eagerly back your staff up on a variety of work activities and bring many fresh ideas together with a great motivation to learn. However, before bringing a student or a fresh graduate on board, make sure your internship terms are compliant with the latest labour law guidelines.

  • Master the art of dealing with summer holiday requests:

The season brings many vacation requests, and you should implement relevant policies to manage them better. For instance, it’s helpful to establish a deadline for submitting requests (choose a reasonable date according to your business needs). Introduce incentives for employees to take holidays at less desirable times of the year if they decide to work during peak summer periods.

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