eLearning benefits for your LD programme

Skills acquisition made smart: eLearning benefits for your Learning and Development programme

Skilled employees are the most valuable resource your company has in its hands, so investing in talent development is crucial for maintaining your competitive advantage and ensuring the continuous prosperity of your business.  Nowadays employees have to process tons of new information and learn faster than ever before, as new knowledge is continually evolving across all competence areas. Unavoidably, the ability of businesses to provide people with adequate training in the workplace comes into play. Only through determining the specific skills to be advanced and by actively promoting employees’ development can corporations safeguard their market survival.

But what type of workplace learning is the most effective and resource-friendly?

How eLearning won over traditional study sessions

Taking the best talents on board requires time and money, but once they are in the company, we come to the second step: how to foster their engagement and skillset development for the sake of high retention and business growth? Training employees is one of the ways.

Traditional “desk” learning remains one of the popular solutions. However, lately more and more companies started looking in the direction of eLearning platforms, also known as LMSs (learning management systems). L&D experts suggest that eLearning has the same set of benefits as face-to-face training but goes even further in terms of knowledge retention rates. Furthermore, online learning costs less for the company budget: it doesn’t involve the trainer’s pay, the price of learning materials and the cost of the employees’ absence during study hours.

In fact, investments in workplace L&D have lately set a trend of increasing each year, with the continuous growth of the international eLearning industry. It is expected to increase by 11% by 2020 and, according to the Global Market Insights report, to hit $200 billion by 2024.

If you are an HR professional still considering whether to introduce eLearning into your workplace, here’s a breakdown of 6 perks your company will gain from implementing an online training platform:

  • More inspiring learning style:

whilst traditional learning usually tends to be tedious and not very enjoyable, almost mimicking school, eLearning strives to teach the valuable pertinent skills in a modern, fun way, with gamification, videos, and interactivecontent.

  • Flexible and accessible for all:

online learning can be held at any time and place, as long as it’s comfortable for the learners. Busy employees can study while on the plane or sitting on a comfy sofa during a coffee break. eLearning significantly benefits remote workers and shift-workers, providing them with equal learning opportunities. It is also multichannel: employees can learn using their mobile devices, laptops, tablets, or desktops.

  • Personalized experience:

eLearning tends to be tailored to individual needs and in practice consists of knowledge on demand. Even though the study material is uniform for all users, online learning allows each person to control the speed at which they go through the course.

  • Budget-friendly:

ROI is one of the biggest benefits of implementing an online training system. eLearning cuts out many of the costs that would normally appear while organizing classroom studies (travel, learning materials, venue price, teacher’s reimbursement, catering). And even though setting up an eLearning course can be costly initially (depending on the level of complexity), the savings will come further down the line.

  • Tracking measurable results:

eLearning allows HR professionals to easily pull data from the online platforms and assess the course’s effectiveness. Course completion rates, forum discussion activities, evaluation grades, and course completion time – this information can be gathered as a report directly from the Learning Management System.

  • Extendable to any number of participants:

once you have your eLearning programme installed, it becomes accessible to all employees of your company. No need for multiple study sessions, numerous instructors, the continuous search for classrooms and exaggerated costs; with online training you make L&D scalable and easily accessible to everyone, from any kind of device and wherever they may be geographically.

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