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Seeing the forest for the trees again with employer branding

Not so long ago, the newspapers were still full of reports about a tight labor market. Now, more than six months later, the job vacancy landscape looks ‘slightly’ different. 

Stan Snijders, VP Sales at Jobrapido, discussed recently with the Dutch magazine Contentic about the effects of the rapidly changing labor market on the employer branding of organizations.

Find below some interesting food for thought.

In mid-July, many national media outlets announced news of a similar nature: ‘Record rise in unemployment in the Netherlands’. Statistics Netherlands even speaks of an “exceptionally rapid rise” in the unemployment rate. The AD states that this development mainly affects young people . A very different picture than before the crisis, Snijders acknowledges. “There were plenty of vacancies and a shortage of candidates for corona. Companies had great difficulty in attracting the right talent.”

“Jobrapido strives to be to the labor market what Amazon is to shopping. We aggregate and analyze all vacancies on the web, so that candidates can find all relevant vacancies in one place. At Jobrapido we experience the changes in the labor market up close – Before the crisis it was an employee market, but the roles have now been turned in favor of the recruiter. For most sectors it is no longer a challenge to receive sufficient applications, but it is a challenge to find the right candidate. You can no longer see the wood for the trees.”

Employer branding of any time

According to Snijders, focusing on employer branding is always a good idea, whether there is a large or a tight labor market. “A good match between employer and employee can only be achieved if enough relevant information is available from both sides. You present your brand in a clear way through a strong employer brand. There, new talent – and also the current workforce – know what to expect from a job at your organization. This increases engagement during the application process and increases the chances of finding the right person for your company.”

Generation AZ

Employer branding is not a flat sales tool to make candidates look like moths to artificial light. Provided it is done properly, it is a suitable way to attract just the one person who fits within your corporate culture from all available candidates. But how do you do that? “There are now five generations at work: the boomers, generation X, Y, Z and, finally, Alpha. Where the boomers may still look for vacancies in the newspaper, Generation Alpha spends its days mainly on Snapchat or Instagram. So think carefully about how and via which platform you want to reach your target group.”

Seduce applicants

Within the application procedure, there are even more deviating points for attention for younger generations. “If you want to attract the younger generation of employees, you have to offer them purpose. This generation is less sensitive to high wages and permanent contracts. Think about how you can entice these candidates to apply in a fair way that suits your company”, Snijders says. “Vacancies too often look alike, while you can distinguish yourself in this area. After all, the vacancy text is the first introduction to your employer brand for many. Try working with video. Give candidates a glimpse into your corporate culture and let employees tell you what kind of brand you are.”

Another way to present your employer brand is by having a clear opinion as a company about relevant social issues. “Diversity, for example, is a hot topic at the moment. As a company you can take a stand by making anonymous applications possible. After all, you don’t need a name or gender to find the right match.”

Dynamic user profiles

Another way in which we manage to make the right match at Jobrapido is through technology and data. With the help of AI and machine learning, Amazon is increasingly focusing the customer experience on the wishes of the customer. They create personas around their users, expose certain ‘touch points’ and then tailor the content they offer to them.  We strive to achieve the same on the basis of dynamic user profiles. Which search profiles do you use? Which vacancies do you click on? And which jobs do you ultimately apply for? With this collected data we automatically update your profile and we can always show the most relevant search results for you.”

Thanks to this technology, the reliability score of the match between jobseeker and employer is much higher, which is beneficial for both parties. “Matching can be significantly improved by intent data and technology and also makes the pre-selection of candidates a lot more effective. As a result, organizations no longer have to wrestle through piles of resumes, but only see a small selection of relevant candidates that we have chosen. That is a lot more cost-efficient and therefore very interesting, especially in the current corona crisis.” In combination with a strong employer brand, it becomes a lot easier to see the right candidate for the trees again.

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