How to hire for part-time positions

Recruiting for part-time positions: will flexibility be a major pillar of the job in the post-pandemic future?

Due to the Covid outbreak, organisations all over the world are making changes to the way they work.

Several industries have been key to managing our way through the crisis (for example healthcare, logistics, maintenance, delivery, groceries). These industries have needed  to cope with an urgent and increasing demand of workers and a crucial part of their contingent operational strategy has been (and remains) the use of temporary staff.

In fact, in March 2020 part-time and temporary vacancies grew by over 20% across the globe.

At the same time, candidates appear to be aware that one strategy to get them through this challenging time is to be flexible when looking at job opportunities. At Jobrapido we have seen a change in jobseeker behaviour on our website, resulting in an increase, month-on-month, in searches for temporary & part-time roles.

Will flexibility be a major pillar of the job in the post-pandemic future, both in terms of jobs demanded and jobs offered?

To cope with this new reality – here are some insights for recruiters on flexible work trends and numbers and some specific suggestions on how to hire for part-time positions.

Part-time and temporary jobs in Europe

According to the latest data published by Eurostat, part-time and temporary work has registered significant growth over the last few years. In particular, the proportion of the EU-28 workforce in the age group 20-64 years who reported that their main job was part-time increased from 14.9 % in 2002 to 19.0 % in 2015, and then fell marginally to 18.5 % in 2018.’

Considering the evolution of this type of employment, what are the main challenges that HR professionals are confronted with?

For instance, when HR departments have to hire part-time roles, one of the main challenges is in attracting a sufficient pool of first-class candidates willing to give the same added value as a full-time worker. According to experts a part-time occupation if taken seriously enough and with the right sense of responsibility, is just as fully engaged as a full-time occupation.

The best strategies for finding candidates for part-time roles

Keep yourself up to date about the latest laws and conditions related to part-time jobs

The fact that part-time employment is considered an atypical work activity and is subjected to constant legislative changes imparts a duty of staying informed and complying with the latest legal frameworks. This is particularly the case if you find yourself having to tackle part-time hiring within an international context, where each country has its own rules, benefits and definition based on the hours limit. Therefore, it is crucial to know in depth the laws of a specific country with regards to part-time working in order to ensure compliance at all times.

Flexibility should be a main pillar of your hiring strategy

Flexibility is not just a buzzword or a trend, especially when it comes to part-time recruitment. On the contrary, it should become a main focus when you start your research and you put in place your overall hiring strategy. Almost 90% of job seekers factor in the number of hours worked into their career choices, so make sure to inform the candidates how the working hours are likely to pan out with regards with their expectations and the lifestyle and work-life balance they have in mind.

When conducting the interview be sure to truly understand what a part-time worker is looking to achieve through this non-traditional form of employment. In many cases we are referring to a pool of candidates made of “students, entrepreneurs juggling their own business, retirees or people family commitments with other main responsibilities”. It will be up to you to understand their needs and guarantee them a certain amount of flexibility.

And the more ‘flexibility you can offer to potential candidates, the better your options will be’ by perfectly matching their schedules and the needs of the company.

Be specific and accurate when publishing the job ad

In order to attract a wide range of highly skilled candidates, during the job description writing process you should:

  • Be specific and underline that it’s a part-time role and stress this concept more than once in the job ad.
  • Include the number of hours and days and specify which days of the week. This will be taken as a sign of transparency and professionalism.
  • Insert some basic notions related to skills, type of experience and other required traits.
  • Outline all benefits such as ‘paid vacation days, employee discounts, or paid training,’ wellness programmes and remote working.

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