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Posting your job is easier than ever with the new Job Posting service by Jobrapido, now also available for the Dutch and Belgian market

Thanks to our innovative Job Posting Platform, you can choose the offer that best fits your needs and push your jobs in a huge worldwide community of profiled job seekers, starting to receive immediately on target applications.

The new Jobrapido Job Posting service lands in the Netherlands and in Belgium

Jobrapido is the world’s biggest job search engine. We conduct business in 58 countries, listing 28 million jobs every month and recording 55 million visits per month.

Every day we’re helping thousands of companies to hire the best talent from our huge, profiled community of 100 +MLN job seekers and, thanks to our new Job Posting Platform, posting your job is now easier than ever.

Already active in all anglophone countries, in Italy and in all German-speaking countries – such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria – the easy Job Posting service has now become also available for the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Choose your visibility pack and start hiring fast

Do you want to start to hire quickly? Then you only need to go on our easy-to-use Job Posting Platform page, select the offer that best fits your needs among the different package options and get in touch immediately with our online global community of job seekers.

Thanks to our Smart Programmatic Technology™, the innovative Jobrapido’s platform continuously learns about the user activity and match automatically the job seekers with the most relevant job offers, providing job seekers with a highly personalised experience and helping you to engage only with the best targeted candidates. 

Being based on rich data profiles for optimal suitability and maximum interest for your specific advertised job vacations, our solutions will help you to receive only on target applications reducing both the time to hire and the final cost of your campaign.

The full potential of our full Smart Programmatic Solutions

If what you’re looking for is a custom campaign instead, to boost the full potential of our full Smart Programmatic Solutions, then contact us and we’ll help you set your budget and choose your jobs to sponsor. We will grant you access to multiple products to deliver you all the candidates you need, at the right time, in the right quantity.

Jobrapido delivers qualified candidates on demand. We take the work out of looking for workers!

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