Manufacturing recruitment

Manufacturing recruitment: overcoming the talent shortage

Revising job ads and focusing on new generations’ needs will help you in win over the challenges of manufacturing hiring

During the last decade, an ever-more dynamic, rapidly developing manufacturing environment has been putting modern HR managers in front of tough recruitment challenges. Despite the common belief that jobs in this field are disappearing, many manufacturers are actually confronting the problem of talent shortage: the thriving industry constantly shaped by technology advancements is struggling with onboarding new skilled workers that would fill up the numerous open positions.

As a matter of fact, the talent shortage in manufacturing has been on the table for years. According to a recent article in The Guardian, “Britain’s manufacturers are facing the biggest shortage of skilled workers since 1989 amid record levels of UK employment and falling numbers of EU27 nationals coming to the country to work since the Brexit vote. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said more than four-fifths of manufacturers struggled to hire the right staff in the final months of 2018”. A Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute report predicted that “over the next decade, more than 2.4 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled”.

What lies behind the recruitment challenges in modern manufacturing?

Nowadays, businesses seek to balance a skilled aging workforce that goes towards retirement with the demands of new generations of employees who have a very different approach to work and corporate culture. For various reasons, not many young workers are interested in taking up careers in manufacturing, so it becomes quite daunting to hire quality replacements.

At the same time, as pointed out by Oracle, “the rise of Industry 4.0 will see roles change as companies adopt new automated processes. This will also force manufacturers to recruit new employees with strong tech and digital skills, all in the face of a widening skills gap”.

The difficulty to recruit new staff and the high rates of employee turnover in the manufacturing sector can profoundly harm companies’ productivity. That said, knowing how to recruit stable, skilled employees is crucial. Well-prepared employees can come up with innovative solutions and endorse a culture of excellence. Thus, recruiting in manufacturing is the first step on the path towards a consistent business growth. So, how to do it right? Here is some advice:

  • Put more thought into your job descriptions and revise your digital presence

Millennials job seekers do a lot of research about the company before actually applying for the job:   potential candidates read carefully the job ad and spend time on the site and social media channels to evaluate the employer brand. That is why is it utterly important to create compelling content with storytelling techniques: use multimedia content like videos, insert employee stories, showcase your company culture, benefits and career development policies. Optimize your job ads with keywords, details about your company, peculiar features that reflect your enterprise values. Attract the candidates with specific and sincere job descriptions.

  • Show your interest in investing in your employees: highlight training opportunities

According to the SHRM Magazine, “to attract and retain younger workers with the right skill sets, some manufacturing companies emphasize that they offer more than just a job. Smart companies help their workforce, even hourly workers, understand their career growth and what opportunities can be there for them when they apply themselves in their positions”. Insert in your job ad the information about the trainings you provide, the new skills the employees can acquire, and how it will help them in their career progression in the workplace.

  • Try to make traditionally inflexible jobs more flexible

Among the key factors considered by the new employees’ generations there are work-life balance and work flexibility. Manufacturing, on the contrary, is usually associated with long set hours and obligatory shift work. To appeal to millennials and even Generation Z, you will need to reflect on how to address this issue and implement some more flexibility.

  • Benefit from modern talent acquisition solutions

Sometimes it is extremely hard to reach the right audience of candidates. Programmatic advertising of job offers gets your ads in front of specifically target jobseekers who are actively searching for jobs in manufacturing. Jobrapido is the major player on the innovative market of Programmatic Recruitment. Combined with the Smart Intuition TechnologyTM – based on taxonomy and AIJobrapido Programmatic Recruitment solution automatically matches targeted vacancies and best candidates in target, on demand. “The innovative application of state-of-the-art AI technologies and Programmatic advertising principles to recruitment sector means that instead of job posting there are integrated campaigns that deliver automated matching in real time, with contents that are relevant to a specific user”, says Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido.

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