Jobrapido and its vision of technical infrastructure as an active actor in driving business decisions

IT Cloud infrastructure as a business driver

Jobrapido and its vision of technical infrastructure as an active actor in driving business decisions

We are used to thinking of the IT infrastructure of an organization as the enabler for its business processes. This is changing rapidly, and the challenge of the next decade will be to find how to leverage modern cloud ecosystems in order to turn the infrastructure into a driver for the business.

Here at Jobrapido we want to offer jobseekers the exact job they are looking for at just the right time. To do this, we crunch tons of data that we gather from different sources, like our website and emails, to provide our business intelligence team with the information they need to optimize the business.

From an engineering standpoint, it is clear that the IT infrastructure must support the business processes, making sure that data are collected and processed in real time. Not only can a minimal downtime turn into a bad user experience, but it also interrupts the flow of the data we need to optimize the jobseeker-job matching. Seen through this lens, the infrastructure is indeed an enabler for the business, just something that has to work seamlessly in order for the business to progress.

This might have been enough in the era we are about to leave. Today, the software industry is stepping into a new era where the functionalities, services and devices offered by modern infrastructure providers  are not limited to improving the efficiency of the business processes: they open unprecedented ways to drive and control the business.

During this decade we have learned how to use cloud infrastructures and services to easily scale from very small to very big, be more cost-efficient by paying per use, lower the total cost of operations by taking the maintenance of wires and hardware out of the equation. This has allowed us to focus on our core technology and competences, instead of having to maintain costly IT equipment.

The way the cloud providers are evolving, though, has the potential to offer so much more, and this is the challenge of the next decade. Nowadays, cloud infrastructures are crossing the boundaries of replacing physical resources, creating an ecosystem where new cutting-edge functionalities become available as soon as they are ready, sometimes even before that. Innovation is happening and materializing mainly in cloud infrastructures.

Mastering this new potential will make it possible to turn infrastructure from just an enabler for the business into an active actor able to drive the business, together with other business units. This is how Jobrapido looks at the infrastructure, and we are thrilled by the benefits and features we will be able to bring to our users and customers.

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