HR Seasonal Hiring Strategy

Hitting the mark with your Seasonal Hiring efforts

Tackling the challenges of busy recruitment months with a well-coordinated strategy

With Christmas time around the corner, seasonal hiring tasks are on the agenda of many HR professionals, especially of those who fill the positions in retail, hospitality, customer service, distribution, logistics, agriculture, eCommerce, and restaurant industry. Every holiday season there is an urgent need to accommodate the rising influx of business traffic by increasing the staff size: often it takes shape of high volume recruiting, when there are hundreds or even thousands of seasonal employees to be taken onboard. As much overwhelming as it may seem, it is vitally important for companies to meet the augmented demand of the busy season without compromising the staff quality: your seasonal workers might be temporary, but the impression they leave on your clients and the image of the company they broadcast will stay there for long.

That is why it is crucial to start planning your seasonal recruitment in advance and have a clear vision of how to find many top-notch candidates while being on a tight schedule. Here are a few efficient tips to pull through the pressure of seasonal hiring and ensure that your recruitment efforts during the peaks and troughs of the year integrate well with your overall HR strategy.

  • Set to work early to reach the best candidates

Always keep in mind that you are not the only employer on the horizon searching for the best temporary staff. Regardless of when your fast-paced season starts, you’ll want to identify the best applicants and have them trained in advance. Construct an effective hiring timeline. Whether you are filling the positions for Christmas, Easter, or summer months, ramping up your recruiting actions 1-2 months before the peak business weeks will allow you to meet the staffing needs in time.

  • Be forthright about the terms of seasonal employment

Be specific about the timeframe and scope of the roles in your job descriptions. This way, you will only attract certain target groups that would greatly fit your requests: seasonal employment usually appeals to students, recent graduates, parents and other people who are looking for flexible temporary work and immediate additional income. Remember to always ensure that you comply with the rules pertaining to employees’ compensation and benefits, labour laws, and other necessary requirements.

  • Accelerate the evaluation and onboarding experience

“Season candidates” get many job offers across the industry: if you don’t want to lose the talented applicants, speed the entire process up. For this purpose, bulk manage your communications, implement automated scheduling to rapidly coordinate the interviews, and consider remote training organisation.

  • Rely on data and use Programmatic Recruitment tools

Getting insights from the data is the best way to improve your seasonal hiring efforts. Data analytics can assist you with analysing your candidates’ funnel from the previous seasons and understanding how to find the best workers. Programmatic advertising of job offers will help you get your ads in front of the right audiences and specifically target jobseekers who are actively searching for seasonal jobs. Jobrapido is the major player on the innovative market of Programmatic Recruitment. Combined with the Smart Intuition TechnologyTM – based on taxonomy and AIJobrapido Programmatic Recruitment solution automatically matches targeted vacancies and best candidates in target, on demand.

The innovative application of state-of-the-art AI technologies and Programmatic advertising principles to recruitment sector means that instead of job posting there are integrated campaigns that deliver automated matching in real time, with contents that are relevant to a specific user”, says Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido. “It also no longer involves mass marketing and broad target groups, but personal communication, where relevance is increasingly crucial.”

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