How to become a great tech recruiter

Hiring IT professionals: things to know while hunting the best talent in tech

It is notorious that the tech industry has been reaching incredible levels of request for talent over the recent years. As technology gained a foothold as one of the hottest sectors in the economy, with a galore of jobs up for grabs, companies are in big need of the brightest and highly qualified software engineers and web developers, information tech analysts, DevOps,network engineers, and other IT professionals.

The demand is becoming vigorously strong and far outstripping the supply, so the market entered the phase of a talent shortage. The competition for taking on board first-rate tech workers is very intense – it is higher than in many other industries and, therefore, has profound impact on recruiting.

However, there are some tactics that will turn your tech recruiting into a much more effective and compelling practice, allowing you to take on board the best IT talent.

Here are my suggestions.

Understand the tech position you need to fill

This is a requirement for every position, however for the Tech positions even more given the speed of evolution that the Technology is having nowadays.

So as first step, consult with your existing Tech department, prepare a small cheat sheet for different tech roles that will help you recognize the right skills in CVs and during an interview. You also need to speak their language: go through some basics, learn that Java is not the same as JavaScript, so that even without being an expert you will avoid banal mistakes and give a good impression.

Opt for a coding test or any practical evaluation

Top tech talent candidates love being challenged: they are good at solving problems and offering solutions, so let them showcase their savviness and ardour. Instead of asking them to talk about their experience and programming expertise, give them a concrete, close-to-reality simulation issue to be fixed. Don’t make your task too long to solve – 3-4 hours long assignment would be fine to demonstrate their abilities. Remember that the tests should be not only challenging but also fun. As Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, once said, “most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program”.

Keep in mind: knowledge of a programming language is not enough

One of the key concepts to remember while acting as a tech recruiter is that a candidate having a solid knowledge of one or many programming languages is not quite enough. In fact, a valuable tech professional should possess a much broader expertise of an entire environment around the language – a complete package of tools, frameworks, and libraries. Without it, a developer might struggle to code for a project that starts from scratch – hence, the development time would get much longer.

Without underestimating the essential soft skills and the working practices.

What are the candidates working practices? Are they familiar with the Agile Methodology? For example. Or are they willing to change their working practices if necessary?

It’s important to consider that just one person can influence the work environment and change the equilibrium in a team, for this reason it’s essential that the new hire has the right attitude to blend easily with the team.

Skills like communication, teamwork, flexibility, approachability, helpfulness, open-mindedness, ability to empathize with the people, and find ways to solve issues are the ones that need to be considered at the same level of importance as the technical skills.

Use technology to search the best tech talents

Algorithms and technological advancements nowadays allow the recruiters to find the most suitable candidates for any position on demand – including the ones with very specific skill requests, as in IT sector. The most efficient progressive systems use artificial intelligence, big data analysis and taxonomy to precisely match the candidates with the position.

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