Employee personality type: The Challenge-seeker

Employee personality type: The Challenge-seeker

Boredom, routine and low risks are not suited for this type of employee

Each employee has a unique personality, and some are easier to be managed than the others. Based upon the company’s business purpose or the type of working environment, some temperaments can be beneficial and some simply functional. According to HR studies and behavioral researches, there are various classifications when it comes to defining the main working personality types. For example, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicatorcategorizes personalities along the spectrums of introverts and extroverts, sensing and intuitive types, thinking and feeling types and judging and perceiving types.’ The Indicator is based on the Jungian personality theory and as an HR professional you can create a specific ‘personality profiler’ in case of ‘conflict management’ and ‘management decisions’.

But how about a peculiar personality type generally called ‘challenge-seeker’?

In order to keep engaged this type of employee, ‘Adventure, Achievement and Power are the three big drivers most frequently associated with high performers.’ They are suited for fast-paced working environments, multitasking activities, and high-pressure contexts. These Power-driven employees love a certain degree of autonomy and responsibility. Usually, this type of hire applies the same approach in his/her private life, and he/she is motivated by constant transformation and a sense of adventure.

They have specific behavioral traits such as:

  • Incredibly motivated by “stimulating and anxiety-producing situations”
  • They do not lack confidence or charisma
  • Effective problem solvers
  • They underperform in case of routine
  • They love to acquire new skills for challenging projects

The great thing for a company is the possibility of establishing challenging goals. According to Forbes, ‘Achievement and Power driven high performers like challenge and get bored with too easy work. Difficult goals light up the brain and encourage great performance (logging truck study wherein “fill to 94% capacity” resulted in doing the “impossible” while “do your best” resulted in underperformance).’ It might seem like a paradox but almost all challenger-seekers are not afraid of salary cuts, they are more focused on interesting hard projects. Alongside with the routine, boredom is the number one enemy for this type of workers.

On one side having onboard such an adventurous, dedicated and risk-taking professional is highly beneficial, but on the other it’s extremely important investing in a heterogeneous team that includes various personalities and temperaments.

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