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Changing landscape for UK post-Covid employment market: 50% hike in temporary contract and part-time positions

Data from Jobrapido shows Delivery, Logistics & Warehouse and Healthcare industries are most in demand – “Candidates need to change their mindset”.

Between March and June 2020 the number of part-time and temporary contract and positions across the UK grew by 50% according to the latest data from Jobrapido. Industries which have seen the biggest increase in demand for these positions include healthcare, logistics and warehousing sectors. Additionally there has been a big hike in e-commerce and grocery/supermarket positions required.

Uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 outbreak has led both candidates and companies to increase focus on shorter term jobs. In March, Jobrapido recorded a 20% growth in global part-time and fixed-term job offers, and since then has seen an increase in searches for this type of positions ranging from +50% in the United Kingdom to +58% in Italy,  and all the way up to +400% in the Netherlands.

One of the industries most sought after in terms of job searches during this period was the Delivery, Logistics & Warehouse category. Here Jobrapido saw a 15% increase in the number of jobs offered in this field, followed by a real explosion in the number of workers who applied for positions in this sector (+700% Italy, +300% UK, +200% Germany, +150% Netherlands).

“The job market was understandably hit during March and April, but thankfully we are seeing a gradual recovery, with in a particular a growth in temporary contracts being offered”, comments Ryan Bridgman, Sales Director UKIE, North America and Global Programmatic Solutions at Jobrapido. “The way we work is evolving rapidly and during Lockdown the number of user searches for ‘work from home’ positions grew exponentially by +1500%. Whilst some companies will return to office-based working, we are certain that many more business will choose to enable their employees to continue remote working”.

Throughout this health emergency, Jobrapido has supported companies who needed to recruit quickly. This was supported by an innovative model that allows companies to pay for completed candidate applications instead of the number of visits to the job offer (#CandidatesNotClicks).

“Within the recruitment industry the past few months have seen significant changes. The Covid-19 crisis has created a shift of ‘power’ from jobseekers to recruiters/employers. Unemployment is rising significantly which meand that job searches are increasing whilst the number of available vacancies is decreasing (or not proportionally increasing depending on the industry). Consequently, many candidates may be forced to change their mindset, and start searching for jobs in new industries and applying for vacancies where their skillset and their background is not a precise match”.

“It is essential to maximise the use of  time and resources and we work alongside our customers to facilitate the precise matching of job supply and demand. Companies can rely on our flexible and data-driven Smart Programmatic Recruitment solutions to reach the most suitable candidates for their requirements. The result is a significant reduction of time taken to recruit and this is typically accompanied by cost savings of up to 35%“, highlights Ryan Bridgman.

This was helpful for certain industries that witnessed a rapid and urgent increase in demand for staff during the past few months. Examples across Europe included health sector workers in the UK (associated searches on Jobrapido grew by 600%), for volunteer first aid doctors in the Netherlands (recorded a 400% increase), and for sanitization workers (in Italy this sector saw 10 times more demand than in 2019).

Now more than ever, our Smart Programmatic Talent Acquisition solutions are available for all employers and recruiters who need to receive applications to fill their vacancies and #CandidatesNotClicks. Find more here about our products and our performance-based solutions.

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