Bosses need to be great leaders if they want to retain top talent

Bosses need to be great leaders if they want to retain top talent

Executive-level managers should review their leadership style and learn new skills to insure talent retention in their companies

Leadership is an essential pillar of any organisation growth: leaders assure company’s overall strategy implementation and safeguard the continuous progress on all business fronts. Being A-level performers and charismatic personalities, they motivate other employees to move forward and reach the goals, strongly supporting the bottom line. For the sake of ensuring a highly efficient leadership development, HR professionals need to create specific programmes that can proactively foster a continuous leaders’ progress within the company. Such programmes must be based on objective metrics that correspond to the company’s business strategy. This ‘includes talent development activities and leadership objectives that are articulated clearly and succinctly. Company promotions should be based on individual performance as well as people development activities and these in turn are linked to the business strategy and objectives.’ A well-structured development program will assure great leaders being able to inspire their co-workers – both junior and senior ones.

The relevance of the leadership matter for all companies is the reason behind the recent Jobrapido initiative to conduct a survey on the business leaders’ influence on work engagement and productivity.  

According to the research by Jobrapido, more than a third of UK workers (36%) are planning to leave their company imminently because their boss does not inspire them, fails to listen to themor create a clear career structure. Along with that, two thirds of employees plan to leave their company within twelve months due to their boss’s poor leadership style. The statistics adds to the current challenges the UK businesses are facing in talent attraction and retaining.

Jobrapido’s research (June-July 2019) was conducted amongst 1444 employees across more than twenty different industry sectors including sales, marketing, engineering, transportation, construction and technology.

When respondents of the research were asked which characteristic of their boss is essential for them to remain in the company, nearly half (47%) believe a boss should inspire the staff. A further part of 39% believe that an ability to listen is the most important quality for a manager. 10% believe that bosses should provide a clear career structure for all their staff and not just a few selected employees.

According to Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido,in UK, the demand is becoming vigorously strong and far outstripping the supply for talent. There is clearly a need for bosses, line manages and HR departments to pay even more attention to the need not only to attract the best talents on the market but, once on board, to look at all the way to engage and retain them.

“The issue can arise because staff and senior management, whilst technically brilliant at the job and or excellent at running a business, have never received training of how to lead, manage and nurture the careers of other members of their team. If bosses are keen to retain their staff, then they should look at way to inspire them and perhaps, getting direct and constructive feedback via 360-degree reviews from all their staff.

“At the same time, no boss or line manager should think they are above learning new skills if it can help to bolster the company spirit and retaining talents. Embarking on the right leadership training or a series of courses will be an important step to inspire staff so they feel inclined to stay for many more years within the company, considering how crucial the talents are for a company business and its success on the short and the long term.”

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