AI at work: threat or opportunity?

AI at work: threat or opportunity?

Artificial Intelligence brings both excitement and anxiety. What should we expect?

The idea of encountering Artificial intelligence (AI) in our daily lives is one that brings both excitement and anxiety. On one hand, AI promises to compliment human capacities, simplify our lives, and solve problems quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, it’s uncharted territory and can make some us feel like we’re living in a bad sci-fi movie where robots rule.

We’re already experiencing a shift toward AI and robotics for repetitive tasks, but technology also brings new roles and opportunities.

What should we expect? PwC aimed to answer this question with their recent AI Impact Index, a survey on the AI’s potential impact on the global economy.

15.7 trillion dollars in 2030

PwC estimates a potential contribution of 15.7 trillion dollars to the global economy by 2030 from AI. That’s more the current gross domestic product of China and India together. Over 6.6 trillion can be attributed to the increase in labor productivity that AI ​​promises to provide. This includes the automation of routine activities, which will allow humans to focus on the higher value-added aspects of their work, like critical decision making and creativity.

New work – from AI and for AI

We will stop doing some aspects of work, but we will start to add new skills and job roles that wouldn’t even exist without AI. Thinking of new ways in which to develop and apply artificial intelligence will be a new job, as well as the ability to design, build and maintain all the necessary technological infrastructures. With the growth and spread of smart roads and self-driving vehicles, for example, we will need the equivalent of air traffic controllers to manage vehicles on the road.

Smart Intuition Technology™

Already today AI ​​is not only creating new professions but is also being employed to help us find work. Take Jobrapido’s Smart Intuition Technology™, for example. It combines and applies Artificial Intelligence, as well as big data and taxonomy to the field of job recruiting.

Smart Intuition Technology™ learns the interests of a jobseeker and matches them with the best opportunities related to his or her interests. Going beyond keyword searching, Jobrapido shows not only the results that match the words in the search bar, but also job postings related to positions that require the same skills as the one searched.

Thanks to Smart Intuition Technology™, jobseekers on Jobrapido have an enhanced research experience, with a 123% increase in the number of total results for each job search.

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