Nowadays, people rarely stay with the same company and in the same position for their entire life.

Jobrapido research discovers: nearly two thirds of UK workforce want to change their career path

It is time to call for a greater education drive and focus on apprenticeships open for all ages to guarantee new skills acquisition and career satisfaction

Nowadays, people rarely stay with the same company and in the same position for their entire life.  In practice, employees migrate from one job to another throughout their career in search of a better ambitions’ fulfillment and greater compensation rates. Along the way, they acquire new competencies and learn the insights of different industries.

In fact, a career change stands for a serious life shift, with an entire paradigm of risks and new challenges that should be taken into consideration. According to different studies, before making such a delicate move one should start with self-assessment, become aware and confident about his or her transferable skills and acquire new competencies. However, this doesn’t stop the employees from looking for a career transformation.

Nearly two thirds of the UK workforce (62%) have aspirations to change their career path, according to the latest research by Jobrapido.  More than half of UK employees (52%) also admitted they would readily embark on an Apprenticeship if it could support career change or move to a different industry sector. 

Yet nearly two thirds of those that wouldn’t embark on an Apprenticeshipbelieve they are too old, and the age limit is between 16-24.  A quarter of respondents felt that Apprenticeships would be a step down given their career experience.

Jobrapido’s research was conducted amongst 1444 employees who work across different industry sectors including sales, marketing, engineering, transportation, construction and technology

Significant highlights emerged from the research:

  • Three in ten cite the biggest obstacle to making a change is family or financial commitments, with a further 17% stating that lack of confidence and would need to change their mind-set.  19% believe their lack of qualifications prohibit the change whilst another 19% that admit they have no understanding of how to go about switching careers. Finally, 14% put off by the thought of time it takes to re-train.

When respondents were asked what could support them to make their change.

  • More than a quarter (26%) stated the ‘belief they can do it and a change of mindset’.  Nearly a fifth (17%) stated investment in training and or educational qualifications or new skills, 12% would like support in the form of outside funding or a grant, 11% believe the Government and or industry could support with further initiatives.
  • More than one in ten of these respondents (13%) wanting to make the change admitted they would like to set up their own business, with around half (49%) stating they would like to move to a different industry and organisation.

Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido, comments: “We live in an era where a job is no longer a job for life and in fact many could have at least two or even three different careers in their working life.  It is not surprising that so many who took part in the research harbour ambitions to change their career path.

“Yet despite the majority of UK workforce open to the possibility of Apprenticeship, the vast majority have already ruled this out as they believe there is an age barrier in order to access.  The reality is that Apprenticeships are open above the age of 16 and there is no age barrier.

“There has been a big drive in recent years to encourage more Apprenticeships in the UK and already great support from the Government.  Yet perception lags reality about the criteria and age of Apprenticeships.  This in turn is preventing more of the UK workface from capitalising on the opportunities to re-train, acquire new skills and gain confidence in the workplace.  All of which lay the right foundation to build an entirely new career.

“What is needed is an education drive from UK industry, the Government, educational establishments and career advisers as to how anyone over the age of 16 can access and embark on an Apprenticeship.”

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